The region

Guadix is in an altiplane surrounded with mountains, offering a wide diversity of landscapes and natural spaces: from the high mountain of Sierra Nevada to the arid zones of the bad-lands.



Occupied from the most ancient prehistory, there preserves a cultural equally diverse patrimony divided into 32 municipalities. Guadix, the biggest city, is a thousand-year-old city with a rich monumental patrimony and it offers a complete range of services. But any corner of the Region, from the Moorish people (villages) of the Marquisate, up to the neighborhoods troglodytes of the people (villages) of the Pit, can be a good destination (destiny) for enjoying multiple activities, adventure sports, hiking, cultural routes and the rich traditional gastronomy.


The strategic position of Guadix's Region does of it an ideal place to travel to other nearby zones. The beaches of Almeria and of the Nature reserve Gata-Níjar's Saw are to only 120 km and to them it is possible to go by road in public and private transport or by train.

The city of Granada is 60 km long from Guadix, so The Alhambra´s city is in less than one hour by private or public transport, with very frequent services of trains or buses. Approximately 30 km beyond Granada we find the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, one of the most important of Spain.